Commish Notes 10/26/2012

I love a fat man doing Jazz Hands, don’t you? Anyways, there are a lot of 4-3 teams along with a lot of 3-4 teams. The number 8 spot goes to Jesse right now at 3-4. That means that even Geoff and Mo are only 2 games back from the 8 spot. There is a lot of football left. Anything can happen. Geoff and MaryKate seem to have the worst luck when it comes to matchups. Geoff’s team has been a lot better since Chris Johnson started pretending that he is a football player again. The dice are not falling his way though. Of MaryKate’s five losses, 4 of them were by slim margins: 6 points, 5 points, 11 points, and 2 points. That can be maddening, especially last week when Baltimore shit all over themselves playing in Houston, costing her -7 points. Had she started no defense, she would have won! Fuck those shit eating bastards for not even showing up in Houston.

            On a side note, I am glad that everyone is still actively maintaining their rosters. It would suck the fun out of it if people gave up early in the season. Also, we are hosting a Build The Bar/Halloween party at our house on Saturday. Some of you already know about it. For those of you who don’t, we will have a keg, Jell-O shots, and a few specialty drinks. Cost of admission is a bottle of liquor. Not a bad deal to get shit hammered. Contact MaryKate, myself, or Freddy Michael for more details.



Jimmy V Anthony

            I am rooting for a tie here. I will also accept career ending injuries inflicted on Tom Brady, Joe Theisman style. An injury like that won’t affect his quality of life after football, but it will at least end this current run of New England douchebaggery. Speaking of which, New England’s vulnerability in real football has not affected Brady and Welker’s fantasy production. Alfred Morris faces a near octogenarian Steelers defense, while Mike Wallace is there to catch bombs after Pittsburgh falls behind by two touchdowns again. I am sure that it will be painful for Anthony, but his team’s success relies on his beloved Steelers getting their asses kicked.

            Jimmy, I hope you pass that horse shoe that is lodged in your bowels soon, because you have been incredibly lucky with matchups this year. In more New England news, I am not sure why teams even bother to cover Brandon Lloyd or any NE receiver downfield. Brady doesn’t throw down field. Victor Cruz started the season slow, but now he seems to only catch bombs for TDs lately. Jimmy Graham has been a disappointment, but only due to health issues. That is unfortunate, but you can’t predict injuries when drafting. (Unless their name is Andre Johnson, Kevin Kolb’s brain, or Jay Cutler’s smiling muscles. The Piper is calling Jake. He is coming for you!)


Prognostication: I am rooting for Jimmy in this one, but I think Anthony will win. Jimmy’s squad is pretty banged up right now, while Morris gets to run all over 1/2 of the Pittsburgh Defense.


Freddy Michael V Jesse

            Next time you puke in a cab in the city, calmly tell the cab driver to pull over, hand him $20, and then peace out. Don’t hang out arguing and don’t pay him money. They have stations where they clean that shit up. He cab-fare-raped you. You will get better at playing in the city. Don’t worry. One time my ATM card wouldn’t work when I was drunk and cabbing it. I bought a cab driver 100 dollars worth of razor blades and hair dye as payment with a credit card. I always joke about paying for things in “trade” or “tales of adventure,” but I always imagined it would be less humiliating than that.

            Denver has the kind of defense that could slow Brees down. Having Hakeem Nicks return to the lineup will be huge. He has had a good number of ankle problems in his short career. I think he has officially become a FF draft risk. A ton of talent and production when he plays though.

            Vincent Jackson giveth and he taketh away. I have invested in Jackson before, while he was with the Chargers. He was always very up and down. You could get a 100-yard-3-TD one week followed by a 1-catch-for-20-yards the next week. It appears to be the same so far in Tampa, but you can’t ever take him out of the lineup because he can drop a pair of nuts in cornerback’s mouth at any given time. It would be nice if he were more consistent though.


Prognostication: Cleveland very quietly has a formidable defense. I think they hold Rivers in check. I am giving it to Jesse.


Justin v Mo

            Next time I see Justin I am going to punch him right in the cock for snagging Doug Martin so late. I am glad that Minnesota cost you -9 points. This team is scary though. Tony Gonzalez is producing like that I thought Julio Jones was suppose to. I wonder if teams are focusing their coverage’s on Jones, giving Roddy White and Gonzalez more opportunity. Green Bay is starting to heat up and for as long as Greg Jennings is injured, Jordy Nelson should remain a productive member of that hot potato game they are running in GB.

Aaron Hernandez is back and it gives Mo an actual to goodness productive player. I would not be surprised if the only other Mexican player in the NFL starts to mirror Gronk’s numbers, which is a good thing for Mo.


Prognostication: I would love to see Mo win this, but it is hard to pick against Rodgers and GB hosting Jacksonville. Justin. (Don’t forget about the dick punch!)


(Update: Just read that Mexican TE number 2 is not traveling with New England to London for the game. Mexotastic!)


Ryan v Geoff

            Let’s go Buffalo! Ryan is hurting this week with Stevie Johnson and Fred Jackson out on bye week. Being forced to play the backup RB in Miami is not a good thing. Pittsburgh’s D has been at half strength all season and their production shows. I suppose that is what you get when you are a Baltimore fan drafting god dam Steelers. Comeuppance. That is what you get. Comeuppance.

            Geoff has to be salivating at the Chris Johnson v Indy matchup this week. I am going to say that matchups involving poor run defenses will lead to big days for CJ2massivedissapointmentK and an average or better run defense will lead to poor results. How about that Vernon Davis? Would he be having a hall of fame career if someone other than Alex Smith was throwing to him? I think so. I hope he goes to team with a good quarterback before he is out of his prime.


Prognostication: with Freddy Jackson on bye this week, I am going with Geoff.



Eric v Marty

            Kendall Wright is blossoming before our eyes. The JC in KC is one of the few bright spots on the Kansas City offense. Andre Brown is producing like David Wilson was projected to prior to the season. The Chicago Defense is the only dominating Defense in the league right now. (Sorry Geoff, but San Fran has been up and down. Chicago seems to be matchup proof.) Unfortunately for him and for Lions fans, Stafford has not found his 2011 rhythm yet. I hope he does soon. (By the way, you are welcome for snagging Wright for you late in the draft.)

            Marty always seems to have an oddly patched roster and is the only person that seems to be able to get away with it. Talk about having good luck trinkets lodged in your bowels. His triumvirate of RBS have kept him afloat so far. If Vick and the Eagles find their testicles coming out of the bye week, it could mean trouble for the rest of us.


Prognostication: This may come down to the KC v OAK matchups for Eric. I think it favors him so I am running with Eric.


MaryKate v Jake

            Jay Cutler took a nasty lick from Suh last week. If you have not seen the hit, it is below. MaryKate will be hoping that Cutler is healthy against a tasty Carolina defense. The injury turnaround from Darrius Heyward-Bey has been amazing. I still feel good about DHB’s production over the course of the season, as long as he does not get injured again. That is another Maryland guy that I wish had been drafted by another team. He was pretty raw coming out of college. I can’t imagine where his career would be if he were hanging out in a locker room with Anquan Boldin and Derrick Mason. I hate to speak ill of the dead, but fuck Al Davis for drafting him and having the hubris to run the team without a GM. It will take years for Oakland to recover from the mess he created there.



            Jake has rebounded nicely from a rough start to the season. At 3-4 he is in the middle of the pack instead of at the bottom of the league, where he started the season. A significant chunk of his roster is tied to Arizona and San Fran. They both play each other this week and they both have strong defenses. That does not bode well for him from a production standpoint. Seattle is playing at Detroit this week. I really hope this is the week that the Stafford to Megatron connection finds its rhythm. (In a side note, Richard Sherman, the corner for the Seahawks, changed his twitter nickname this week to Optimus Prime. I love that guy!)


Prognostication: “You Mad Bro.” I can’t pick against MaryKate or Detroit. I am taking MK.

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Best of Intentions

I tried to do commish notes. I got lost on a tangent after becoming incensed at human stupidity. It started with two stories about fan violence and devolved from there. I will continue working on the matchups tomorrow. For now here is the non football part of what started out as commish notes.

Sorry for the absence last week, but I am back. So this week I am adding in a few non-football nuggets. I felt compelled to add them because of two incidents the past couple of weeks. The first being the horrific throat slashing of a Bears fan in a Jacksonville bar when the Bears were playing there a couple of weeks ago. The second is a stabbing at the 49ers game last week. Fans are awful. Fans are awful because people are awful. There is a whole psychology to why people attach themselves to a sports team, sub culture (like rock vs rap, emos, skaters, etc.), and especially political affiliations. People attach themselves to an ideology, not because they think it is right, but because safety in numbers allows them to dominate their opinions, thus dominating you. The theory is called Argumentative Theory of Reasoning. Essentially, humans are not programmed to seek truth, they are programmed to win. Our ancestors gained an advantage by getting people to side with them. Popularity and dominance led to those people passing on their genes. Our brain did not develop an instinct to argue with logic or facts. It only needed to win, not make sense. We need to be taught how to think and argue with facts/logic. It takes a poorly functioning head with poor logic skills to think he was justified in cutting throats because a team he does not play for or profit from was losing to the Bears. Only a retarded person would think that a Cowboys fan needed to die because the 49ers and Cowboys had a few compelling matchups in the 90’s. While it is consequences are horrific, the theory at least explains the behavior. Speaking of retards and hypocrisy, let’s take at a subject that has a larger impact on society. It that includes a guy whose ideologue is Ayn Rand and he somehow claims to be Catholic. (Perhaps catholic should be in quotations. I am no Ayn Rand expert, but from what I understand, her main principles involve selfishness and anti-establishment. This means anti-charity, anti-big-government, and anti-church. She is pretty clear concerning her views on god/religion being ridiculous. So is Paul Ryan religious and he does not understand the concepts in Rand’s works? Or is he being disingenuous and claiming to be religious just to curry favor among right wing neo-cons. I am going with the latter.) So how else are political parties hypocritical and retarded? Below is an excerpt from a Tuesday Morning Quarterback article written by Gregg Easterbrook over at ESPN:

Preach What You Practice: One of the ironies of American politics is that is politically conservative states like Texas tend to have high rates of crime, divorce and teen pregnancy, while the liberal states like Massachusetts and New York tend to have low crime rates and higher percentages of stable marriages. So do people become conservative because they look around and observe lawlessness and absence of traditional values, or does conservatism cause these things? Do people become liberal because they look around and observe stability and affluence, or because liberalism causes these things?

New York City was liberal in the 1980s when it was a homicide capital and is liberal now as one of the safest cities in the world to stroll after dark, making it hard to separate cause and effect.

Love him or hate him, on this subject you’ve got to read Charles Murray’s new book “Coming Apart.” His big point is that well-off liberals should “preach what they practice” — that denizens of the high-income zip codes in blue states themselves have two-parent households with conventional marriages, strict work ethics and high educational achievement, yet contend no one should be judgmental about out-of-wedlock birth, bad public schools or welfare. Murray presents overwhelming evidence that although it’s assumed anything goes in the sinful liberal cities while tradition rules in the Bible Belt, in the last generation it’s been the other way around — red states are plagued by divorce and teen pregnancy, blue states have conventional family values.

Coming from a radioactive conservative, this analysis is unsettling. Liberals, Murray charges, are harming the underclass by asserting that all lifestyles are equally valid — when they know from their own experience that conventional behavior leads to the best economic and educational outcomes.

So you are telling me that conservative states have higher divorce rates, crime, and teen pregnancy despite all of the talk about Jesus and Families? Shocker. (and I do mean that sarcastically) Democrats employ the same proletariat crushing tactics that Republicans use to win elections. And they chastise Republicans for doing it? Amazing. One of my favorite examples of political hypocrisy comes from former senator Larry Craig. In 1989 Larry Craig pushed for more severe punishment of representative Barney Frank for his involvement in a gay prostitution scandal. He was also one of the senators that pushed for impeachment when Clinton left presidential man chowder on a dress. Craig claimed to be a big “family values” kind of guy. Later, in 2007 he was arrested in a Minnesota airport after attempting to solicit gay sex in the men’s bathroom.

Below is map of how the sates voted in the last Presidential election. The states colored in red have some of the worst education systems in the country. There are exceptions and I am not trying to say that Democrats are smarter than Republicans. However, if you go from Texas all the way east (in red states), they pretty much make up the top ten list of worst education systems in the country. New Mexico is an exception that voted Blue and has a terrible public education system. So if I am not saying that Republicans are dumb, what am I saying? Republicans changed their marketing scheme about half a century ago to try and pull in “religious voters” or southerners (amongst a few other reasons; if you only click on one link in these ramblings, make this one the link). You need a poor education system to believe in a Zeus like god hanging out in the clouds, smiting non-believers, and taking faithful followers to Valhalla when they die. It is 2012 and religions have held on to concepts that became outdated when Galileo proved the Earth revolves around the sun.   


 Well, they may not have the family values that educated states have, but at least the Red States are not a financial burden to the country like those leaching Blue Democrat Devils right? I mean everyone knows that democrats are welfare sucking Lewinsky’s right? Well hold your horses. (Or fat women. Whichever is your preference.) This little nugget is from Ezra Klien of the Washington Post:

The red state ripoff

Over at the Fourth Branch, they’ve got a nice map showing the states that receive more than a dollar back for every dollar they pay in taxes (which they’ve coded red), and the states that receive less than a dollar back for every dollar they pay in taxes (which they’ve coded blue). Just to repeat: Red states are getting a good deal, and blue states a bad one. Here’s the map:

Remind you of anything?


Fourth Branch comments:

There is a very strong correlation, then, between a state voting for Republicans and receiving more in federal spending than its residents pay to the federal government in taxes (the rust belt and Texas being notable exceptions). In essence, those in blue states are subsidizing those in red states. Both red and blue states appear to be acting politically in opposition to their economic interests. Blue states are voting for candidates who are likely to continue the policies of red state subsidization while red states are voting for candidates who profess a desire to reduce federal spending (and presumably red state subsidization).


So states with money and education vote Democrat and states that rely on Federal Aid and lack education vote Republican? This seems counterintuitive. The states with money should be voting for Republicans, who claim that they offer lower tax rates and smaller government. States where the populace relies on federal aid (welfare programs) should be voting for democrats. I will put this link in here again because it is that interesting, but they did vote like that 50 years ago. So what happened? Marketing. The whole system is bullshit. Every politician is Republican from the standpoint of supporting big business. They do not give a shit about your stupid beliefs. Democrats or Republicans will say anything to get reelected. Why would people with money support an ideologue that advocates higher taxes? Why would poor people support an ideologue that would cut their welfare? It is because of the Argumentative Theory of Reasoning. Just like sports teams, or middle east conflicts, or who is in the BCS championship, it is not about what is right, it is only about suppressing the other side. Take for instance the Republican mantle of “smaller government and fiscal responsibility.” Since Regan, the National debt has increased under each Republican administration and decreased under Clinton. (Regan was by far the worst in ballooning the deficit. Data is not complete on Obama’s administration yet. It also does not help his numbers when the economy collapsed just as he took the office from G.W.B.; You can check on this here and here.) While there is only one full term Democrat president in a 30 year period, I believe it offers a window into policy making. Republicans do lower taxes, but they refuse to cut federal assistance because it would be politically unpopular. In Regan’s case, he actually increased the size of government when he started an expanded arms race with Russia that was very costly. (The economy was also shifting from a manufacturing based economy to a service based economy.  I don’t know how much influence Regan or the previous administrations had over that. Maybe none at all, but it was during the 80’s that large manufacturing cites lost a lot of industry. That is not going to help your bottom line). Clinton and Democrats tend to raise taxes while keeping the same programs and policies they lambast Republicans for. This includes tax cuts and loop holes for the rich and military spending. The only difference between the two parties is the tax rates. The deficit went down during the Clinton/Democrat administration because they taxed people. Not because of magic or voodoo, which Paul Ryan seems to be relying on. Nobody gives a shit about your stupid belief system. They only care about holding power. They exploit our inability to instinctually view an argument with logic. That is why politicians can say crazy things that are factually inaccurate and people don’t hold them accountable. If you are on their side you don’t care. If you are not on their side, you care, but you were already against them. If you are undecided, you probably have stupid things to say like “I want a family values candidate” or “religious guy” or a “president I feel like I can have a beer with.” None of those statements mean anything when it comes to policy making, but people win and lose every election cycle based on non-specific criteria like that. Now the political spectrum has devolved into arguing about gay people and keeping women in the kitchen. Nobody really cares what an ideology means or what impact it will have. They only care about being on the winning side.

Next time you are in an argument with someone over Steelers/Ravens, Red/Blue, Hatfield/McCoys,   or Team Jacob/Team Edward, just remember that in one part of the country stupid people vote to have their welfare taken away and in other parts stupid people vote to have their big salaries taxed at a higher rate. When it all comes together we are all voting for the same greedy politicians to steal our money. If that doesn’t bring us together then what… wait that was ridiculous. That will never bring us together. The only thing that will ever change the system is to create term limits for congressmen. How do you get a group of people to vote for firing themselves though? Steal away politicos.




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Commish Notes 10/05/2011

Disclaimer: I tried to post this yesterday, but goddamn yahoo is really weird about posting anything.

 Another Thursday and this probably means another sloppy-ass game. I hate these Thursday games. They are hard to evaluate for fantasy purposes. Baltimore vs. Cleveland was ok last week, but on what plain of existence would Cleveland beat Baltimore?

            In other NFL news the “real” Refs are back. It is interesting that media members and TV personalities spent so much time talking about the “fake” Refs and how bad they were doing. Did they miss a lot of calls? Yes they did. Did they make calls that were not accurate or ticky-tacky? Absolutely. Is that any different than what the “real” Refs do? No, it is not. The call made in the Green Bay vs. Seattle game is not an outlier from standard refereeing. In real time it is impossible to determine if anyone “caught the ball first.” When they went to the replay booth, an NFL official, not a replacement ref, upheld the call because there was not enough evidence to overturn the ruling that Golden Tate had 50ish percent of the possession of the ball. In case anyone needs refreshing, the NFL rule book states that if both the receiver and defender have simultaneous possession of the football than the catch/TD is awarded to the receiver/offense. It is only awarded to the defender if he clearly has possession of the ball first and maintains possession through the process of the catch. (Thank you NFL for adding a phrase to our lexicon in an attempt to justify a bullshit ruling in the Calvin Johnson catch/no catch.) Did the Green Bay player make the interception? Yeah, he did. However, there was not enough evidence to overturn it. In fact, if you look at some pro-Seattle sites, there is evidence that it was a Tate reception.


So the douche-nozzles that networks find to work in the broadcast booth saw one camera angle, that happened to favor Green Bay, and ran with the story line causing a national outcry. There are two differences between the “real” refs and the “fake” refs. The “real” refs have more control over the flow of the game. There were a lot of fights, scuffles, and glad-handing that extended games. The regular stock of refs do not let that kind of skullduggery persist. The other difference between the regular and replacement variety is that the regular refs know that they are supposed to give those calls to teams named the Patriots, Packers, and Steelers. Yeah GB almost lost the following week to the Saints on a bad call, but when two popular teams play each other it is a wash. Were Green Bay fans apologetic when they were gifted the game against the Vikings (details provided in the link above)? I doubt it. Yet TJ Lang was talking about not playing in Week 4 and fans were protesting at the stadium. Did fans protest when Green Bay benefited from this little gift (click link)? (Additional link) Where was the national outcry for this debacle?!



 And that was a god damn playoff game. Farve gets rocked on a high-low hit after he released the ball and there is no call. Somebody falls down near Brady and they gift him field position and extra downs. The reality is that being a ref is a tough job no matter who is doing it. The differences between the regular officials the replacements are the “real” refs are more confident about sucking. That and the replacements did not get the memo to help popular franchises with bullshit calls. If there are any fans of a team, other than the Lions, that has spent a considerable amount of time sucking, post examples of a time when a ref jilted your team for a more popular one.




Jimmy v Fred

          Jimmy is taking over the mantle of league antagonizer. Ed clearly was not ready for that role this year. Ed managed to avoid drafting two TE’s in the top 3 rounds this year, but he clearly was not ready for the responsibility. Meanwhile Jimmy has managed to provoke Marty into horse fucking diatribes. Well done, sir. Well done. RG3 has a big test this week with Atlanta and Matty Ice coming to town. Being forced to start a guy whose name sounds like a euphemism for going number 3 hurts, but the rest of his roster seems to be intact during the first bye week.

          A couple of bad weeks for Michael. He really needs Kenny Britt to show up. Roddy White has been a beast. Through the first quarter of the season, it appears that he may finish first in scoring for WRs. His two stud RB’s, McCoy and MJD, have been steady but only one big game out of them so far.


Prognostication: I have pick Michael the past 2 weeks and he has sucked during that time. With Rivers and Floyd facing a superbly generous New Orleans defense, I think I have to take Michael again this week. Don’t burn me yo.


Ed v Geoff


          This is it folks. Never has there been a matchup so grand in people not giving a shit about it. The bright side for these two teams is that one of them has to win it. Geoff’s team showed some signs of life last week when CJ0.8K ran for more than 20 yards. Geoff is going heavy on the Niners against Buffalo. I have a bad feeling about this strategy. I feel like this could be a trap game for the Niners. Even if they win, I think Buffalo will keep the game low scoring. Both of these teams will look to run the ball more this week and run the clock.


          Peyton looked like Peyton against the Raiders last week. Green Bay seems insistent on feeding Cedric Benson (Which is a weird thought). However, Julio Jones is dealing with a hand injury and Steve Smith is facing a stout Seattle D (Also a weird thought).




Prognostication: I don’t really like either team this week, but I am going with Ed. CJGrillMasterK faces a powerful Minnesota run defense and Greg Jennings is out this week with a groin episode.


Marty v Mo

          Some M&M action going on here. Marty’s season has been a bit uneven so far, but he still has a lot of talent on his roster. His running back situation is potentially great and potentially a nightmare. God knows what Belichick has planned for the two RBs that Mary has on his roster. Adrian Peterson is back though. After watching him abuse the Lions last week (not that abusing the Lions run defense is a feat, but his cuts looked great) I think it is time to only refer to him as Purple Jesus again. Only the great lord and Purple savior could return from such a horrific injury in such a short amount of time. Is that his first miracle? Or is it far down the line of many football miracles? I am not sure. In fact, I think if Marty wants to win the title again this year he should change his name to Purple Jesus. Do not anger our Lord and Savior Purple Christ. Oh yeah, Mo has some horse shit little players too.


Prognostication: Purple, peace be with you my son.


Ryan v Jesse

          I do not understand how Arizona is 4-0 with a startling lack of offensive production. Ryan Williams, their starting RB has a total of 13 points so far this season. The passing game is not a ton better. Yet somehow in an era where rules favor the offense, Arizona is getting it done with defense. I would not be terribly surprised if Arizona took a nose dive with the regular refs in full swing now. With an upcoming stretch that will include STL, BUF, MIN, SF, GB, and ATL, I would not be surprised if they were 5-5 six weeks from now.

          Ryan is starting Ahmad Bradshaw and Fred Jackson this week. At the start of the season those two looked like great draft picks. Now both of them have lost a lot of playing time due to injury and emerging young-bucks charging in from behind them on the depth chart. Eli should have a big day against Cleveland.


Prognostication: Have to go with our other lord and savior Breesus Christ here. I am sure that Jesse is praying for Hakeem Nicks to come back. I am surprised he has not invested in one of NY’s other available receivers. Also, as Jesse pointed out, there was a bit of a QB explosion last week. I expect the trend to continue upward.


Anthony and Berman

          I wish Eric would change the name Bermstar. I don’t know why, but I dislike it. I feel like he can do much better than that. Well the B-meister went heavy on KC players against NO and it went well. He was less heavy on KC fever last week, but bye weeks have forced him to play his KC hand. Not good when they are facing Baltimore. Surprisingly, the Chicago defense has been the best member of this squad.

          Anthony took me out last week in what was essentially a gamble on how well the Bills would do against New England. I started their defense and they recorded -8 fantasy points while Brady put touchdowns up like he was being fed the Buffalo play calling in his helmet or something. I can’t imagine such a classy organization doing something like that though.


Prognostication: I think the bye week blues might get Eric this time. Especially since he still has one guy in the starting lineup that is on bye. Taking Anthony.



Justin V MaryKate

          I would like to start by saying that Jordy Nelson is dog shit. Fuck him. Fuck you Jordy. That being said, it is surprising that Tony Gonzalez is the leading receiver on the Falcons right now. I watched the NFL Life ‘95 Cleveland Browns last night. There are an amazing number of people who were there, under Bill Belichick, who have head coaching jobs or general manager jobs in the NFL right now. They briefly talked about Scott Pioli and Tom Dimitroff making their first trades as GMS with each other. Tom worked on the grounds crew by day and did scouting work by night. Pioli had some other bullshit role there in the personnel department though. Years later they become GMs at the same time and trade Gonzalez. Kind of weird think about connecting circles in the NFL. Tony Gonzalez may have been forced to stay with the Chiefs if events were slightly different. He left right before they became perennial doormats. He could have retired a couple of years ago if he were forced to play for crappy teams.


Prognostication:  In honor of Bill Belichick, I pick the cameraman.  Just kidding, I take MK. 


Me v Jake

          The way Matt Ryan is going, we may need to change his nickname from Matty ice to something classier. Maybe Matty Boh? Or perhaps a nice Matty Honey Brown Lager?

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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